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Vol. 19, No. 1 Summer/Fall, 2016



Audeze EL8 open back headphones


We are delighted to announce our appointment as a dealer for Audeze, the most advanced planar magnetic headphones available anywhere. Planar magnetic headphones use a method of producing sound which is completely different from the cone type of drivers used in conventional headphones. In the Audeze models, an extremely thin and light membrane is suspended between two sets of magnets, both behind and in front of the membrane,. The membrane has a conductive "voice coil" imprinted on it, and the audio signal from the amplifier travels through this conductor. This creates a varying magnetic field that attracts and repels the fixed magnets and causes the membrane to vibrate and produce sound. Patented technologies for laser etching the conductor on to the membrane and for the V-shape of the magnet structure give the Audeze models a distinct sonic advantage over other brands.

Audeze LCD-X open back headphones


There are currently eight main models, the Sine on-ear at $499, EL8 open and closed back, both at $699, the LCD2 at $999, the LCD-X (open back) at 1699, the LCD-XC (closed back) at $1799, the LCD3 at $1945, and the LCD4 at $3995. (The EL8 is also available as the EL8 Titanium with a Lightning connection cable for iDevices for an extra $100.) All models share a magnificently open, spacious, and detailed sound which is far ahead of anything we've heard from other headphones. Of course, the sound does get better as you go up the line, but each is incomparable in its price range. In addition to their sonic performance, the Audeze products are beautifully hand-crafted to a level that matches their sonic performance. The genuine leather, exotic hardwoods, and special foam inserts make them very comfortable to wear while you're enjoying the music.

Audeze also makes an excellent, high-performance headphone amplifier with a built-in USB DAC for $699. It is called the Deckard and can easily drive any Audeze model or any other headphone you own.

Everyone is welcome to come by and audition these spectacular headphones to see what state-of-the-art really means. Also, please call or come in for more information or feel free to visit the manufacturer's website. You can click on their Reviews link to see the dozens of fabulous reviews for all of their models.


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