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Vol. 19, No. 1 Summer/Fall, 2016


Audio Physic

Audio Physic Avanti loudspeakerTo celebrate its 30th anniversary, Audio Physic has brought back one of its most venerated model names for its newest and most advanced, reasonably-priced designs. Welcome the new Avanti loudspeakers at $7995 per pair in the standard finishes.

The Avanti combines numerous cutting-edge Audio Physic technologies in its slender and graceful cabinet. This design marks the first time that Audio Physic's best-sounding next-generation, hyper holographic mid-range drivers and tweeters have been used in this model. Through painstaking optimization of the design details, harmonic distortion levels have been noticeably reduced. Thanks to the dual-basket design of these drivers, their chassis are only indirectly connected to the baffle. This prevents harmful vibrations that would degrade sound quality from being transferred to the cabinet. As in the Reference Series and other High-End Series models, major effort went into the design of the Avanti. This effort was rewarded by an impressively precise, extremely detailed and neutral sound.

As in their best models, Avanti also benefits from specially-engineered braces and stiffeners in the cabinet. Reinforcements made of open-pored, ceramic foam reduce enclosure vibrations to negligible levels. In particular, special attention was paid to the bass frequencies because this is where the strongest vibration forces are at work.

The powerful woofer, an 8-inch long-throw design, is not positioned on the side or front of the loudspeaker in the usual fashion but is located instead in the interior of the cabinet in its own housing. This housing is also independently stiffened using ceramic foam. The elaborate design offers a host of advantages. To begin with, the frequency range of the Avanti extends to unbelievably low levels while remaining incredibly neutral and tuneful. Furthermore, the Avanti is less finicky about placement than more standard designs. Even when placed close to the wall, these loudspeakers offer impressive sensitivity and clarity across the entire frequency spectrum.

Like all Audio Physic loudspeakers, the Avanti series features a terminal panel equipped with nextgen binding posts of the highest quality. These connectors further damp out distorting parasitic micro-vibrations.

The Avanti is available in several gorgeous veneers and also in a version featuring a high-gloss, glass finish. In the glass design, the loudspeakers benefit from a three-layer sandwich construction where layers of materials with differing sonic properties work together to damp out cabinet vibrations. The cabinet is stiffer, thus resulting in fewer distorting partial vibrations. The glass versions are available at a modest price premium.


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