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Vol. 20, No. 1 Summer/Fall, 2017


Audio Physic

In our last issue, we covered the introduction of the newly-designed and much more affordable Avanti loudspeakers. Now Audio Physic has used their best technology to update and introduce four new models, two of them quite affordable and two no-holds-barred models. These are the Step Plus monitors at $2595 and three tower models, the Tempo Plus at $5995, the Codex at $14,995, and the Avantera III at $22,995.

Audio Physic Tempo Plus loudspeakerAUDIO PHYSIC has re-engineered the Tempo Plus from the inside out with the same passion that is dedicated to all of its models. This model benefits from many of the technological insights gathered during the development of the top-of-the-line model - the CARDEAS 30 LJE. The tweeters and midrange drivers are manufactured exclusively for AUDIO PHYSIC, and their hybrid cone construction (HHC technology) is unique, combining the dampening characteristics of modern polymers with the stability and stiffness of metal. The suspension system and the chassis basket are mechanically decoupled from one another in a radical design involving the hyper-holographic cone chassis to reduce unwanted resonances. In addition to the elaborate HHC basket construction, the mid-range driver is also equipped with a fixed metal phase plug to reduce heat. The Tempo Plus features the third generation HHCT III tweeters, now included in many of the highest end models. Both the tweeter and the mid-range driver are mounted in individual compartments within the cabinet. The result is a smooth and homogeneous acoustic pattern, from the fundamental tones all the way to the highest frequencies. Two high-performance bass drivers, equipped with stiff aluminum membranes, are located precisely across from one another in the sides of the Tempo Plus. This creates a symmetrical distribution of force on the loudspeaker cabinet when the loudspeaker is in use. This completely re-engineered bass compartment makes a substantial contribution towards improving the lower frequencies. The beautiful cabinet skillfully conceals the refined engineering and advanced design that make these such exceptional loudspeakers. Their slender, tall, gently-sloped shape lends the Tempo Plus a modern, timeless appearance and reduces standing waves in the interior of the loudspeakers that can jeopardize crisp midrange reproduction. The slight rear tilt of the cabinet also balances out phase differences between the mid and high range. The entire inner cabinet has been updated to include extremely stiff open cell ceramic foam bracing elements that further stabilize the loudspeaker cabinet and reduce resonances. Traditional damping materials do not even come close to achieving this effect, and the result is a level of precision unparalleled in this class. The result of all of these measures is significantly higher resolution, enhanced homogeneity and stunningly authentic musicality compared to prior Tempo models.

Audio Physic Step Plus loudspeakerLove the Tempo Plus, but they don't fit into your living space? Audio Physic took the exact same Mid-High section and enclosed it in a bookshelf size cabinet. In terms of styling, the Step Plus is true to the tradition of its predecessors, but, as with the Tempo Plus, it was re-engineered from the inside out with the same passion as their top models. The Step Plus is, essentially, a scaled down Tempo Plus, and you can expect the same marvelous sound without quite as much bass extension. It's the perfect solution for those wanting Audio Physic sound in a smaller room or who just want their loudspeakers to be more discreet.

Audio Physic Codex loudspeakerLove the Avanti but have a larger room or want more bass power and extension? Still want your loudspeakers to be beautiful? With its larger volume and advanced chassis and crossover design, the Codex may be the perfect solution. For a rich, deep bass and a solid foundation, loudspeakers require a certain cabinet volume. The Codex successfully manages this balancing act, with its intelligent cabinet architecture and variety of available finishes. Despite its larger volume, this four-way loudspeaker with its clean contours and slender baffle exhibits an air of stylish elegance. Special attention was paid to the inner structure of the cabinet, as only an extremely rigid and inert cabinet can achieve music reproduction that is pure and true to the original. Numerous braces and extremely stiff elements, made of the same open-cell ceramic foam discussed above, lend the Codex structure superb stability, without noticeably reducing the interior volume. Thanks to the sandwich construction, featuring a permanently elastic intermediate layer, the cabinet is perfectly quiet. Thus, any acoustic effect of the cabinet components is effectively counteracted.

As with the AVANTI, the woofers in the Codex are mounted in the interior of the cabinet, using an optimally-matched chamber. Their 10-inch, long-throw voice coil is extremely powerful and effortlessly transmits the lowest frequencies. Above 100 Hertz, bass is handled by a 7-inch woofer in the front of the cabinet. The resulting bass reproduction remains confident and controlled in any situation. What's more, the Codex offers considerably more latitude in terms of placement than traditionally-designed loudspeakers. Even close to a wall, their sound is crisp and full. The clarity in the lower octaves provides a foundation for exceptionally neutral and precise reproduction of mid and high frequencies. This is where the cutting-edge, third generation Hyper Holographic Cone Chassis come into play. The dual-basket construction of the chassis reduces any impact on the sound caused by micro vibrations to an absolute minimum because the chassis does not have any direct contact to the baffle of the loudspeaker. In addition, the woofers have their own compartment in the cabinet, eliminating any interactions transmitted via the air in the loudspeaker. For maximum signal fidelity, the crossover network is distributed among several levels and equipped with first-rate components. It is the sum of all of these design considerations that makes the Codex a truly impressive loudspeaker.

Audio Physic Avantera III loudspeakerWith all of the advances in design capabilities discussed above, Audio Physic decided it was time to update the Avantera to version III. They took all of these design considerations and raised them to a new level. In particular, the HHC III tweeter benefits from new developments. A new type of link is used in the signal connector between the crossover network and driver which is effective in suppressing the micro-vibrations that can degrade the sensitive tweeter signals. This results in exceptional resolution and even more realistic reproduction of the acoustic space. For the middle frequencies, the key focus was to avoid sound permeating the cabinet. A significant percentage of the sound deflected into the interior of any loudspeaker can find its way out through the cabinet walls. This would result in midrange coloration. The Avantera III uses a new III midrange driver and dampening panels specially developed for the Avantera chassis fitted on the interior of the cabinet. These panels are less stiff than the exterior walls, thereby creating a heterogeneous structure that significantly reduces sound permeating the cabinet. Thanks to the special structure of the panels, any reflected sound is not directed in a way that can degrade performance, thus further reducing the influence of sound inside the cabinet. These and many other very advanced design improvements yield a stunning loudspeaker that can hold its own against any competitor.


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