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Vol. 21, No. 1 Summer/Fall, 2018


PS Audio

PS Audio has completely revamped their line of PerfectWave Power Plant power regenerators, replacing the previous P5 and P10 models with the new P12 at $4999, the P15 at $7499, and the P20 at $9999.

PS Audio P12 power regenerator

We gave a detailed description of how power regenerators work in Volume 15 of this newsletter, but here's a brief recap. These products are not classic line conditioners but rather are power regenerators. They take the poor quality AC that comes out of your wall outlet and immediately convert it to DC. Since DC is, by definition, zero Hz, it cannot contain any distortion or high frequency contamination, and all such spurious contamination is completely gone. The pure DC is then used by the amplification circuitry contained within the Power Plant to produce, right in your listening room, the highest possible quality AC, 60 Hz, high-current power needed to run your system. This freshly-generated, pure power is made available to your system via the power outlets on the back of the unit.

These new models now use a servo tracking circuit that monitors the power coming in from the wall and more accurately corrects the waveform with a 10 times improvement in rejection of artifacts and noise. They also now use a DSD-based sine wave generator as compared to the PCM-based circuit of the prior models. This gives an output waveform that is superior to the older models. The new models also have significantly lower output impedance that makes it easier for connected components to draw power quickly, yielding better dynamic range and transient performance. For example, the P20 has a 40% lower output impedance than the previous P10. The major differences between the three new models are increasingly lower output impedance and higher power capability as you move up the line. Here are some highlights of the other improvements:

  • 40% lower output impedance
  • More stable voltage regulation
  • Gold-plated buss bars
  • Larger power supplies and higher capacitance
  • New graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Servo tracking for fixed, low distortion
  • Greater MOV protection against AC power line surges
  • Improved, Patented regenerator technology with increased open-loop gain
  • Increased error correction
  • Higher noise rejection factor
  • Upgraded internal architecture
  • Phase synchronization
  • Variable dimmer for display brightness
  • More powerful, faster processors
  • Lower internal waveform distortion
  • Removal of the complex digital filtering in prior models
  • Improved transient response
  • Significantly lower output distortion (THD)

PS Audio P15 power regenerator

While we always hate to see prices go up, in this case, the large increase in performance from all of these upgrades makes the greater cash outlay more than worthwhile.


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